Penwaaq L nu k

Web Portal of Benoit First Nation Lnu'k regional governance and Reserve.

The Benoit First Nation regional governance mandate includes community services, cultural workshops, reserve infrastructure building, language vitalization, job creation, indigenous history and heritage, elder-senior support, food security for vulnerable households.



Our Traditional Reserve

Pjila'si to our our Benoit Lnu'k/Mi'kmaw Portal.

About Us

We are the Lnu'k/Mi'kmaw of Ktaqamkuk.

Ninen/About Us

Spirt Wind Drumming

Our Community drummers drum to the heartbeat of Mother Earth.

Spirit Wind Drumming

Band Council

We are governed by our Band Council

Band Council

Band Territory

Our Kitpu Clan flag of the region.

Territory Maps

Mi'kmaw Centre - Penwaaq L’nu’k

Our Mi'kmaw Centre - Penwaaq L’nu’k is the hub of the regional Lnu'k - Mi'kmaw Community.

Mi'kmaw Centre - Kji-Wikuom

Annual Mawio'mi

Here is the link to our

Annual Mawio mi

People of the Dawn

Ktaqmkuk Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq have always had a prominent presence in St. George's Bay (Nujio'qoniik) and on Payun Aqq Payunji'j (the Port au Port Peninsula). Many of our people have Beothuk connections.

Beothuk Connections

Our ancestors always had a peaceful and friendly relationship with our Beothuk neighbours.

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Culture and Traditions

We are providing regional Mi'kmaw governance, services and programs that will revitalize and maintain our Lnu'k heritage, language and culture.

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Proud History

In 1972 the Port au Port Indian Band was formed in Cape St George under the umbrella of the Native Council of Newfoundland and Lanbrador (Name changed to the Federation of Newfoundland and Labrador Indians), Edna May Benoit was the seceretary of the band at that time. Josephine Benoit Simon, Sylester Joe Benoit, Geraldine Jesso and Lavern & Arsen Felix were Councillors. Adolph Benoit from Marches Point was the Chief/Saqmaw. Our Lnu'k - Mi'kmaw Community lived off our sacred lands since long before the arrival of the Europeans. We are of the land. We are one with the forest, one with the water, one with the wind, and one with the animals. We are proud Eagle (Kitpu) clan...

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