Penwaaq L’nu’k

Did you know that Benoit First Nation rights trumps non-native rights every time.

The duty to consult and, where appropriate, accommodate Indigenous peoples, requires that federal and provincial governments have a dialogue with Indigenous groups about contemplated government actions or decisions that might have a negative impact on Aboriginal and treaty rights. The goal is to listen to the views and concerns of affected Indigenous groups and, where necessary and possible, modify the action or decision to avoid unlawful infringement of those rights.

We Our rights are protected by the Canadian Constitution, Section 35

Inherent rights are distinct and separate from the rights of non-First Nation people and are protected under Section 25 of the Canadian Charter of Human Rights.

Our rights

Section 35 – Aboriginal and treaty rights


Benoit First Nation regional governance of our Traditional Territory. We declared our territory to the governments in 2019 in excercising our inherent historical and traditional land claim.

What does this mean?

  • It means that we want the crown land to be declared as belonging to the Mi'kmaq and managed by the Mi'kmaq.
  • It does not refer to actual land ownership.
  • As territoral land it must be protected for our Mi'kmaq traditional land usages, cultural practices, hunting, fish and othe uses we already have.
  • We must protect it and be custodians of the land.
  • Does not include any private or leased lands.
  • Preservation and upkept of the land for the next seven generations.

    Benoit - eagle clan


    Background: In 2005 we formed Benoit First Nation to represent the Mi'kmaq West of the Port au Port Indian Band whose traditional territory ended at Campbells Creek.

    Benoit First Nation was the name selected to honour Francois Benoit who was the first known Benoit to be present amongst the Mi'kmaq in our region. He was married to Anne L'Official.

    In 2018 we formally sent our declaration to all governments, as mentioned above.

    Any official movement on this file will need to include community consultation sessions to be held at a future date as required by the process, if it should proceed in atimely fashion.

    Map 1

    Map 2 Payun Aqq Payunji'j

    Map 3 Benoit First Nation Traditional Territory

    Our Benoit First Nation traditional Land Claim of 2019 - Available in our new book: benoit First Nation - A Mi'kmaq Journey - A cultural programming and activity fundraiser.

    Map 4 Ktaqamkuk

    English Place Name: Mi'kmaw Place Name:

    This list was compiled by Jasen Benwah in 2000 and involved talking to Elders and oral history as well as some of the translations were provided by Helen Sylliboy.

    Penwaaq L’nu’k


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