Pjila'si to our Penwaaq L'nu'k Mawio'mi Portal

Benoit First Nation is a Mi'kmaw nation that is community minded, and spends its time selflessly running programs that support our famiies, youth, Elders through various programs in the region.

Artwork by Kass Simon.

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Our Celebration Park and Grounds

Honouring Our Ancestors

Penwaaq L’nu’k- Benoit First Nation Lnu'k Mawio'mi Grounds where we celebrate our culture and dance for our ancestors. These events connect us to our past while we celebrate the present. We give thanks to the Creator for all bessings received.


Our Annual Traditional Mi'kmaw Mawio'mi is our celebration of life. Our Feast will take place each day of the Mawoi'mi at 4:00 pm at the Edna May Benoit Women's Centre, on the bottom floor of the Benioit First Nation building.


Our Annual Traditional Penwaaq L'nu'l Mawio'mi is an annual celebration of our culture and held on the third full weekend of July, annually.

Tourist and

Family friendly, a celebration of our people.

Uniting our People

A bridge between our Elders and our children.

Vendors Registration

Our events are alcohol and drug free and are open to all. Come dance for those who cannot.

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