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Elders Advisory Council is responsible for appointing the Sagmaw- Chief of the territory of our nation

Traditional Saqmaw-Chief Jasen Benwah and son


Traditional Chief of the territoty region since 2005 and very humbled and proud to promote Lnu'k culture and language to the people of our community.

Sagmaw proudly advise our members, community elders, our youth and all those who support our cultural goals and needs as a community, including the provincial, fedeal governments, agencies, organizations and other band councils.

Sagmaw role includes:

  • Cultural Advisor to the communities
  • Counselling our indigenous people through healing and talking circles and private consultation
  • Conducting marriage ceremonies as licensed Marriage Commissioner
  • Guardian of... and promoting Lnu'k culture, language, history, traditions, and community social development
  • Answering to the Elders Advisary Council
  • Seeking consensus on Lnu'k cultural decisions that affect the Lnu'k
  • Acting as Lnu'k Cultural Figurehead
  • Recognized as the Traditional Chief of the Benoit First Nation territory

    As a traditional Saqmaw/Chief, my term is determined by the Elders Advisory Council

    Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Protocol

    Saqamaw's Hunter - Gatherer Healthy eating

    Duties of a Chief/ Saqamaw

    What is a healing circle?

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