Edna May Penwa Kina'matno'kuom - Edna May Benoit Womens Resource Centre

Home of the Cape St George Mi'kmaq Women's Council

811 Oceanview Drive

Basement floor, west side entrance from Stephen's Lane

Degrau. Port au Port Peninsula NL. A0N 1T1

Office Tel.: 709-272-2082

Email: office.bfngov@gmail.com

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Hours of Operation: Mon - Fri 9:30 am to 4:00 pm.

Want to book the Centre:

Each booking requires a small user donation of at least $49 is expected when signing the

usage agreement

as we are not funded and need to pay Mi'kmaw Centre operating expenses such as heat, lights, insurance and municipal fees.(snow clearing in winter) Bookings can be requested for any time of the week on weekdays or weekends. We are a non-proft Mi'kmaw Community.

Illegal drugs & cannabis and their usage not permitted on our property. Smoking (including E-cigs) is not permitted in the building or outside within 9 meters of any entrance/ exit.(outside and behind building only).

We promote a friendly spiritual, and family orientation environment free of harrassment of any kind. We have a zero tolerance policy. .

All must Read, understand and follow restrictions and protocols posted.

Private events are by invitation only as per our usage agreement and the event holder's descretion.

Unless specified, all public events are open to all the Community.

For Bookings you may contact call Women's Council Chairperson Lee Kerfont at 709-272-2085 Email: office.bfngov@gmail.com .

Activities at this Centre are under the operations of the Cape St George Mi'kmaq Womens Council.

No monies are ever kept at the Centre... Security Cameras monitoring site.

Women's Resource Centre Details:

Centre Activities and Workshops:

  • Sharing and Talking Circles
  • Annual Assemblies
  • Youth Activities
  • Women's Group workshops and activities
  • Children's Activity Camp
  • Band Council Annual Assemblies
  • Various Workshops of Interest
  • Private and public baby showers, kids birthday parties
  • Private parties

    Schedules and dates will be posted on locally and on social media including our public Facebook page

    Grand Council Flag

    Symbolism of the Benoit clan flag

    Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Protocol

    Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Ethics & Principles

    Lnu'k/Benoit First Nation Band Logo

    Lnu'k/Meaning of the 8 Pointed Star

    Mi'kmaw Centre - Kji-Wikuom Cultural events can be booked here.

    Penwaaq L nuk

    The Edna May Benoit Mi'kmaq Womens Resource Centre was built with the support of the NL Dept of Immigration, Population Growth and Skills Job Creation Programs.


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