Payun Aqq Payunji'j Elders Advisory Council

813 Oceanview Dr., Degrau, NL. A0N 1T1

Elders Healing Lodge

Is a totally independant regional governence body and a volunteer group providing wisdom, knowledge, and other services to the indigenous population of West side of the Port au Port Peninsula, west of Abraham's Cove, NL.

  • Knowledge-Keeper Delina Petit Pas...........


  • Kisikuk - Elder Jerome Benoit..............


  • Kisikuk - Elder Godfrey Benoit.............


  • Kisikuk - Elder Wallace Cornect............


  • Kisiku k-Elder Director Barbra Benoit.............709-757-9444 wikuom

    Acting Chairperson of the Elder's Advisory Council

    Mi'kmaw Craft Committee Co-Chairperson

  • Traditional Sagmaw Jes'n Benwah

    Marriage Commissioner


    Appointed by and reports to The Elder Advisory Council and recognized at Sagmaw of the region by the Benoit First Nation Mi'kmaq.

    Elders Executive

    The Seven Grandfather Teachings

    The folling activities are organized by our Elders Advisory Council:

    1. Edna May Benoit Women's Resource Centre activities and events including:
      • Age Friendly events
      • Age Friendly gaming nights for Seniors
      • Kids summer cultutral camp
    2. Elders Healing Lodge
      • Hosting visiting Elders and teachers

    Elders protocols and election rules

    Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Protocol

    Elders Healing Lodge

    Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Ethics & Principles


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