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Factoid: Benoit First Nation is named after ancestor Francois Benoit who married Isabelle Chegeau, considered the source of Indian status in Western Newfoundland.

811 Oceanview Drive

Degrau NL. A0N 1T1

Band Office Tel.: 709-272-2085

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Logistics Office Tel.: 709-214-4415

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Band Council

Benoit First Nation Mandate:

Benoit First Nation has a historical quest to achieve Miíkmaq recognition that spans back to the 1970s with our band Council headed by Chief Adolph Benoit, a decorated war veteran. The council included Secretary Edna May Benoit, treasurer Geraldine Jesso, Vice Chief Sylvester Benoit, band councilors Josephine Simon, Laverne Felix and Arsene Felix.

Benoit First Nation is named after regional ancestors Francois Benoit and Anne LíOfficial Benoit who most of us are descendant from. Our mandate is as follows:

By enhancing the lives of the region by introducing culture, language, tradition and any other means necessary.

    In the spirit of Truth and Reconciliation, the objects for which the nation is established are:
  1. To organize and unite the Mi'kmaw people throughout the region
  2. To build cultural and traditional knowledge
  3. To strengthen and enhance culture, traditions and language
  4. To secure a strong regional Miíkmaq presence
  5. To pursue community economic development for our members
  6. To build Miíkmaq infrastructure for our region
  7. To capitalize on tourism to our area by providing local Miíkmaq cultural activities that includes traditional, historical and other Miíkmaq facilities, activities and teachings.
  8. To provide food security when and where possible for the vulnerable.
  9. To construct, erect, purchase, maintain, rent, hire, lease, or otherwise acquire, improve, maintain, work, manage, carry out and control machinery, equipment, facilities, works, buildings and property of any kind both real and personal which may be necessary and convenient and calculated directly or indirectly to advance and obtain the general objectives of the nation. They will be to develop and promotion Mi'kmaq culture and language programs.

From day one, the band council has been and continues to be volunteers who give to our community by the goodness of their hearts. We follow protocol, policy and regulations set out by the band and using standards of governance used nationally. We are not an Indian Act band but a traditional band with a traditional Sagmaw or Chief. Integrity, respect, compassion, sharing, helping, supporting are the cornerstones of our organization and our commitment always and will continue until time immortal.

We are Mother Earth Guardians, and we are one with our ecosystem and brothers to our animal and insect family. We are one with the sky, forest, water, sun and wind. Our ancient philosophy is that we only take what we need and we give thanks each time when we do. This ideology has not changed in the face of living in the modern, colonial and western world.

Respectfully, we must always give a little to attain something for our people. Balance is necessary as is always making the smallest ďfootprintĒ possible in all that we do. Greed, envy and jealousy is not our way nor our mindset.

This is who we are, and we are proud of all that we have accomplished while also modest in our hearts. The greater good of our community will always be paramount as we always seek balance in our territory in our modern world. Mother Earth is our backyard and must be mindful of that always as we proceed into the future.

Our band council is 100 percent Mi'kmaq.

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