Penwa Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati - Benoit First Nation Pow wow:

811 Oceanview Drive

De Grau, NL. A0N 1T1

Email: below

Band Office: 709-757-9444

Mi'kmaw Mawio’mi:

Annual Mi'kmaw Mawio’mi:

National Indigenous Peoples Day celebrations help us celebrate with the region our pride and joy to be Indigenous Canadians and to celebrate all of our achievements.

The benefits to the aboriginal community include:

An enhanced cultural programming through workshops

An enhanced activities and story telling

An improved connection with the elders and children awareness

Traditional Mi'kmaw creations

Mawio mi Mi'kmaw Heritage Farm, Park and Mawio mi Grounds

Penwa' Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati (Benoit First Nation) is pronounced Ben-wah um-skoo wess-so-whey ul-noo-eh-gut-dee


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