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Mi'kmaw Centre Covid-19 Food Security Programs

Daily Raffle draw for a frozen food item

Entry in this daily draw is free. You can call the Mi'kmaw Centre during regular office hours at 709.757.9444 and leave you name and telephone number to be entered in the raffle draw. Must be Benoit First Nation members and/or Qalipu Port au Port Ward status members. Only one draw per household. Note: These items have been donated from our sister band from Flat Bay and received with many thanks. Winners of the frozen gift item must make arrangements for pick up from the Mi'kmaw Centre in Degrau at their earliest convenience. The draw is from Monday to Friday at 9:00 am and is live on Facebook at:

This draw will stop when we run out of product.

Elders PPE Gifts

One hundred (100) PPE Hampers for those over 70 years of age have been handed out throughout the ward, it was a program that was funded by Qalipu Covid-19 grant: The names for these baskets were supplied by various groups (confidentially) around the ward who help identifying those in need. We expect to be doing this again and will reach more elders in the community in the near future.

Free Frozen Food Give-A-Way (Trucks)

Frozen Food Truck - we are still waiting on our first truck which should arrive towards the middle of December due to unforseen issued out of our control. We will notify members and those who submitted the order form. We will call everyone with istructions of when to show up at the Mi'kmaw Centre. Food pick-up will be Benoit First Nation members first, then Port au Port Qalipu ward members, then other organizations and bands. All depending on quantity. When we run out, we run out. Port au Port Indian Band members and other status Qalipu members of the Port au Port ward need to fill out the attached form and return to the Mi'kmaw Centre before November 25th. It can drop it off during regular office hours including slid under the inner door of the Mi'kmaw Centre porch or for mailing it back to us. No emailing it please. Benoit First Nation members may also fill it out also especially if their contact info has changed, but we are using our band list to contact members.

After we receive a truck, unload and sort out the shipment, Phone calls will be made for when to come to the Mi’kmaw Centre in Degrau to pick up your order. The size of the order and what you will actually receive will depend on the shipment received. When arriving, you will not get out of your vehicle, give your Benoit first Nation band number or show your Qalipu status card and your order will be placed in your vehicle by our staff and volunteers. We need to make this process as orderly, fast and efficient as is possible. Please do not show up early, do not block traffic, have patience and respect for the process to be a successful one.

Disclaimer: Benoit First Nation assumes NO liability or responsibility for product use, availability of any product, number of families served, issues with product, delivery of product, your personal food security or any implied responsibility associated with this program. It is receiver beware and receive at your own risk. This is a non-profit volunteer run program. It is not our responsibilty to deliver food to anyone nor is it our responsibility to provide services to any Qalipu members outside our Port-au-Port Ward.

It is our intention next round to expand the frozen program to more households. Updated information and order forms will be available here as well as on our Public Facebook Pages, and at the Mi'kmaw Centre in Degrau and elsewhere. We hope to have the forms available for the next round at town offices throughout the ward as well.

We want food security in our Benoit First Nation Communities


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