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Mi'kmaw Centre Covid-19 Food Security Programs updated for 2021

Daily Raffle draw for a frozen food item 2021

(Starts 1st Monday in January (11th) and takes place live on the Mi'kmaw Centre Facebook at page 3 times per week at 9am)

This draw is for those who are not on our call list for frozen food. Entry in this daily draw is free. You can call the Mi'kmaw Centre during regular office hours at 709.757.9444 and leave you name and telephone number with our Coordinator to be entered in the raffle draw. Do not leave a message. Must be Port au Port Ward status members. Only one draw per household. Note: All Port au Port status members who submitted a previous order form will be automatically entered in this draw.

Winners of the frozen gift item must make arrangements for pick up from the Mi'kmaw Centre in Degrau at their earliest convenience.

This draw will stop when we run out of product.

Elders PPE Gift Bags 2021

A second round of One hundred (100) PPE Hampers for those over 65 years of age will be handed out throughout the ward, you can nominate seniors from around the Port au Port ward to help us in identifying those in need. We did the first round in late summer 2020.

Free Frozen Food Give-A-Way (Trucks) 2021

Frozen Food Truck - We will call households based on product availablity. They will be given instructions of when to show up at the Mi'kmaw Centre. Food pick-up will only be for them. Everyone else will be given an opportunity in the daily 9am draw to win frozen food items.

Because of Covid-19 concerns, and our need to protect our staff and volunteers, households who were called to pick up frozen food and show up at our drive thru must remember to follow these rules:

Please understand that we do not get enough food for all Benoit First Nation households. This program is meant for vulnerable low income families and vulverable fixed income seniors.

Disclaimer: Benoit First Nation assumes NO liability or responsibility for product use, availability of any product, number of families served, issues with product, delivery of product, your personal food security or any implied responsibility associated with this program. It is receiver beware and receive at your own risk. This is a non-profit volunteer run program. It is not our responsibilty to deliver food to anyone nor is it our responsibility to provide services to any Qalipu members outside Benoit First Nation.

We are working to assist with food security in our Benoit First Nation Communities for vulnerable low-income families and vulnerable fixed-income seniors.


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