Mi’kmaw History and People: December - Kesikewiku's - Chief Moon, winter Month

Compiled by J Benwah

je'sn penwa
jes'n penwa

Pronounced (geese-see-gay-we-goose)

Pjila'si (welcome). In December, most Mi’kmaw traditionally would be living inland next to rivers, brooks, ponds and lakes. It was a time for trapping and hunting furred animals for food and clothing. At this time, young cod were taken under the ice. Many events in local Mi’kmaw history occurred during December and I have listed some of them as follows:

Welálin (thank you).

Cape St. George, NL.


November 29, 2005

Some of this information was assembled by the Mi'kmaq Resource Centre Book of Days for the Mi'kmaq Year. Used herein with permission.


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