Mi'kmaq history and people: October

Compiled by J Benwah

je'sn penwa
Spotted Wolf

Mi’kmaq History and People: Wikewiku's (October)

Pronounced (we-gay-we-goose)

Pjila'si (welcome). October has always been known as the start of autumn here in Taqamkuk (Newfoundland). The leaves turn pretty bright colours and the temperatures begin to drop. It is a very important changing of seasons for the Mi’kmaq people as well. We know it as Wikewikús (October) which translates as fattening animal time. Groups of Mi’kmaq at this time would traditionally move inland to hunt caribou and beaver.

We also celebrate Kisaknutmamkewey Na'kwek or Treaty day as do all first nations across this great land. October was proclaimed as Mi’kmaq History Month beginning in 1993 by the Santé Mawiómi Grand Council and the Government of Nova Scotia. There are number of historic events, some recent and some that go back a along time, that are worth mentioning. Here is listed some important events that occurred in October that come to mind:

I encourage our people to know their history and culture. Especially our Youth who will be in charge of tomorrow, they will need to respect the tradition, beliefs and culture of our Mi’kmaq Nation in order to built a better future. Welálin (thank you).

Compiled by Jasen Benwah

Benoit First Nation

Cape St. George, NL.



October 5, 2005

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