Mi'kmaq history and people: January Month (Punamuiku's)

Compiled by Jesn Benwah

je'sn penwa
Spotted Wolf

Pjila'si (Welcome). January or Punamuiku's as it is know to the Mi’kmaq is the time of the Spawning of the Tomcod. Historically for the Mi’kmaq, it is also known as time of the seal hunt when this aquatic animal spawns upon certain Islands about this time. Its flesh is said to be good as veal and its fat was used as an oil, which served as sauce throughout the year; usually several moose or caribou -bladders were filled with it, which are two or three times as large and strong as pig bladders.

The month begins with New Year’s or Puna'ne'wimk. Many events important to the Ktaqamkukewa'q people have occurred in the month of January:

Wela’lin and thank you for allowing me to share these facts with you.

Tuesday, January14, 2005


Compiled by Saqmaw Jasen S. Benwah

Port au Port, NL.



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