Replacement of the Independent Traditional Chief:

In the event the Independent Traditional Chief is unable to fulfill his/her duties or requests to be relieved of duty:

The Independent Elders Advisory Council will appoint a replacement and will;

  1. Search for a suitable replacement:
  2. Interview a suitable replacement
  3. The candidate will meet all obligations, including:

    a)candidate must be bondable

    b)candidate must have police and vulnerable sector clearances

    c)not have a criminal record unless pardoned

    d)be a member of Benoit First Nation for a minimum of ten years

    e)be in good standing

  4. the candidate will be appointed, and sworn in as per Elders Advisory Council ceremony
  5. position is independent, advisory and ceremonial only, with emphasis on culture, language and traditions.

The Elders Advisory Council is independent of band councils and shall advise on all band council matters and will act with impunity, wisdom and clarity for the well being of the band membership.

The Elders of the Independent Elders Advisory Council operates under the following suggested protocols:

  • Elder must be Mi'kmaq,
  • Elder must reside in the band territory,
  • Elder Band Councillor must on Elders Advisory Council
  • Elder must be at least fifty-five years of age,
  • Elder agree to sit on the Elders Advisory Council,
  • Elder agree to participating in providing wisdom, guidance and knowledge to the band council and community at large,
  • Elder operates under similar decision making and rules similar as the band council procedures included herein this document.

    Section II

    The Traditional Chief, is independent of the band and appointed by the Elders Advisory Council for an term determined by the Elders Advisory Council, shall hold a position as Sagmaw, traditional leader, figurehead for the region, spokesperson and cultural adviser- as required by the Elders.

    Section III

    In instances where the Elders Advisory Council is unanimously of the opinion and/or believe that the Band Council is not acting in the best interests of the community, the Elders Advisory Council may object any such decisions, motions, commitments, resolutions, activities and actions. In this case the Elders Advisory Council will advise the Band council and seek consensus to resolve the issue or issues in contention.

  • Term of the Traditional Sagmaw/Chief is not defined, limited, nor associated with the process of any Band Council elections, but determined by the Elders Advisory Council.

    Consensus of the Elders will determin the Traditional Sagmaw/Chief based on:

    Sub-section B

     When selecting a Traditional Sagamaw/Chief:

    1. The Elders Advisory Council will choose a Traditional Sagmaw/Chief based on a majority vote of their members.

    2. will take place at a Meeting of the Elders Council whenever needed,

    3. The Traditional Sagmaw/ Chief will act as a band figurehead, advisor, also working to build consensus, assist in decision making, act as guardian of culture, language, heritage, community and social development.

      The chosen Traditional Sagmaw will remain cultural Leader and Figurehead. A successor is only selected if the Elders find it necessary or if the Saqmaw steps down from the role.

      All former Traditional Chiefs will remain as advisors and Elders for as long as he/she wishes to do so or when they enter the spirit world.

      Every Elder is a leader in his/her area of involment and will work together with everyone in the community for the betterment of all.



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