Penwaaq L nu k

Benoit Clan First Nation Logo

Penwaaq L'nu'k

Benoit Kitpu- Eagle Clan First Nation Logo

Our band logo since 2005

Graphic courtesy of Gerald Gloade, Mi'kmaw Artist and Carver.

Meanings of our sacred logo:

  1. Sun - life giver, with sacred colors and the four directions
  2. Eagle - Kitpu - Benoit Clan and sacred to the Mi'kmaq
  3. Heart - the love and power of our families
  4. Sweetgrass - sacred grass for smudging and cleansing the spirit

Grand Council Flag

Symbolism of the Benoit clan flag

Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Protocol

Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Ethics & Principles

Lnu'k/Benoit First Nation Band Logo

Lnu'k/Meaning of the 8 Pointed Star


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