Our Teachings

Western Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland

Kwesowaak, Pukt aq Pukt Kwe sawe k, Taqamkuk

The Mi'kmaq Local Teachings

Following these teachings will lead you down the path of Decolonizing

Decolonize our European Education and the truth will be revealed.

    Our Oral Teachings tell us about our relationship with the Beothuk:
  1. Notice on the map above that there are no known Beothuk sites on the Port au Port Peninsula.
  2. On the Port au Port Peninsula those in yellow are Paleo-Eskimo.
  3. Oral history tells us that Beothuk were near Bay St George. In re-contact times, the Mi'kmaq were located on the lower West Coast, Port au Port Peninsula and Southwest Coast of the Island while the rest of the island was occupied by the Beothuk.
  4. There was some intermingling and even intermarrying and a peaceful co-existance.
  5. After the demise of the Beothuk civilization that succumbed to settler kidnappings, murder and disease, the Mi'kmaq moved into their territory.
  6. The remaining few Beothuk fled to Mi'kmaq encampments and still walk the Earth today without their language and culture.


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