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Fallen Heros: Our War Veterans

Fallen Heros: Our War Veterans

On November 11th of each year WE REMEMBER.

Victor H. Benoit, Royal Navel Reserve

Source: photo courtesy of Edna and Sylvester Benoit

Hamilton Road Cemetery is a combined municipal and military burial ground situated in the coastal town of Deal, Kent, in South East England. Opened in May, 1856, it was created to provide a new burial ground for Deal at a time when its general population was expanding [1] and when previous, often ad hoc facilities [2] for dealing with deaths in the area no longer sufficed.

The cemetery's civilian burials are managed by Dover (district) Council, and its military burials by the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. It contains a Cross of Sacrifice of some significance and the burials of military service personnel from Great Britain, Belgium, Canada

2)The grave of Victor Joseph Benoit, [21] [22] son of Joseph Benoit, of Cape St. George, Newfoundland, from the Dominion of Newfoundland, a Royal Naval Reserve Ordinary Seaman (rating) who served on the H.M. Armed Naval drifter, Frons Olivae, which hit a Naval mine off Ramsgate on the 12/10/1915 in an explosion which sunk the ship and killed most of the Anglo-Canadian crew, including Able Seaman (rank) George Files, [23] ,Engineman Albert Brown [24] , Seaman James Walker Hynes [25] , Lieutenant Thomas Evan Rogers [26] , and Coal trimmer Francis (Frank) Robert Newark. [27] Other casualties included Seaman George H Le Drew from the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve, Engineman Charles Leggett from the Royal Naval Reserve, the Skipper; George S. Meale, Seaman Stephen Sparkes from the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve, and Deck Hand William M. Wooldridge, also from the Newfoundland Royal Naval Reserve. [28]

A photograph of Victor Benoit is available on the Canadian Veterans Affairs Website [29] which shows him wearing the cap badge for HMS Excellent, possibly the a shore establishment based in Portsmouth.

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