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First Perspective-news of indigenous peoples of Canada

R. C. Churches of the Bay St. George Area

Paul Pike - Medicine Dream

Mi'kmaq Info

We Were Not The Savages

Canadian Aboriginal History

Aboriginal Links: Canada

Lessons in the Mi'kmaq Language

The Red Road Project

Newfoundland and Labrador Heritage

First Nations Help Centre

Bay St George Census/genealogy

The Mattie Mitchell Webpage

Aboriginal Peoples Television Network

Mi'kmaq Resources

Mi'kmaq Spirit

Local Stories of The Mi'kmaq

The Mi'kmaq Princess and the Invisible One

Mi'k Maq education

Mic Mac (Mi'kmaq)

Ship Wrecks off Bay St George

Family History Society of Newfoundland and Labrador

National Archives of Canada

Provincial Archives of Newfoundland

Port au Port on the Web

Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development Canada

Sandy Point

Mi'kmaq (Mi'kmawi'simk, Micmac, Mikmaq) - NL Mi'kmaq

Bay St George Genealogical Society

Nfld Terms of Union

Prowse's History of Newfoundland

Red Island Heritage

Western Newfoundland

Newfoundland Shipwrecks

Newfoundland Online Encyclopedia

Newfoundland Genealogy Links

Town of Stephenville

Newfoundland Book of Rememberance

Cyndi's List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet

1st Nations, Issues of Consequence

The Georgian Newspaper

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