Isabelle Shegone, Pure Mi'kmaw

Isabelle or Elizabeth has been referrred to by many last names including:

  1. Cheyo
  2. Chego
  3. Shegone
  4. and Sigognè.

The Jesuits make references to Sigogne in New France and Acadia. There is also a number of references to indiduals with the name Sigogne- check out the Mi'kmaq time line reference below. I can not find any references to the other spellings.

Note: 1) re Elizabeth Chego or Isabelle Shegone: this family is listed in the RC registers of Caraquet New Brunswick. The Reverend Charles Francois Bailly de Messein, whose area of responsibility encompassed all of the Maritime Provinces in the 18th century, made one of his Missionary journeys to Nova Scotia and while in the Halifax area, more specifically the town of Chezzetcook, Elizabeth Chego (future wife of Henri L'Official; daughter of Paul Chego and Marie, Micmac Indians) was christened. Its not known exactly where these native people were living at this time, probably Nova Scotia but it is known that Micmac people would come from as far away as Newfoundland in the frequency of every three to seven years to see their pastor and most definitely to partake in St Ann's Day Celebrations. Source: The Nfld Ancestor 16,4.

1804 - Jean Mandè Sigognè compiled a book of Mi'kmaq translations

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