Hunter's Dream

Hunte'rs Dreams

I have hunted the moose,

caribou and the bear,

Shot many of game birds

Tricked the rabbit Into my snare

Conquered mountains, trapped,

Fished ponds, lakes, and


Full satisfied, I have fulfilled all

of my Hunter's dreams

I have done all of this

Before our way of life is completely


No more will l ever use my gun

Or go to the woods to hurt and


for my dreams, they have been done

No "government regulations",

can take that away

For I have made my dreams


Before the changing of time

For our children, who have

never hunted for food

This is what I have done, to

them will only be a story,

Never their glory.

By Frank Russell of Stephenville, Newfoundland and Labrador

Frank's Poetry receives recignition for this poem


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Copyright 2003 Frank Russel