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Family Research Pointers

Church documents:

In the Port au Port and and Bay St George region marriage and birth certificates are spread around as follows:

  1. Cap St George: 1918 to present day
  2. Piccadilly: 1953 to present
  3. Lourdes: 1956 to present
  4. Port au Port: 1918 to 1900
  5. Stephenville: 1900 to 1874
  6. St George's: 1874 to 1850
  7. pre 1850 documentation can be found in parishes in Quebec, Nova Scotia and St. Pierre

Genealogy on hand

  1. Francois Benoit and Ann L'official
  2. Valentine Young and Ann Nancy Benoit
  3. Narcaiss Chaisson and Mary Ann Revallon
  4. Boniface Benoit, Sr and Marie Boucher
  5. Joseph Benoit and Mary Ellen Damois
  6. (Johny Mic) Jean Edward Benoit and Emily Ann Poirrer
  7. Boniface Benoit, Sr and Marie Boucher
  8. Luc Benoit and Catherine Jesso

  9. For registration under the Qalipu Mi'kmaq First Nation Band you will need to complete the following applicable forms and provide documentation as specified:

    How to Register and Apply for Indian Status

    Baptism and Marriage Certificates

    Status cards applications for Status Indians - Forms

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