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Benoit First Nation

Saqamaw Jes'n penwa'


I have been Chief of this region since 2004 and I am very humbled and proud to represent and to work on behalf of our people and of our community.

I proudly work with our band council, community elders, our youth and all those who support our goals and needs as a community, including the provincial, fedeal governments, agencies, organizations and other band councils.

My duties include:

  • advising the Chairperson/Vice-Chief and Band Council
  • counselling of band members through healing and talking circles and private consultation
  • guardian of and promoting culture, language, history, traditions, and community social development
  • answering to the Elders Advisary Council
  • seeking consensus on decisions that affect the band and the membership
  • acting as Figurehead and Public Relations spokesperson
  • acting independantly of the Band Council

    As a traditional Saqamaw/Chief my term of office is determined by the Elders Advisory Council

    Duties of a Chief/ Saqamaw

    What is a healing circle?

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    contact information

    808 Oceanview Drive

    De Grau, NL. A0N 1T1, Canada

    Wantaqo'ti, (peace)

    chief jes'n benwah spotted wolf

    Penwa' Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati


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