St. Georges Bay Mi'kmaq Headstone Inscriptions

West Coast Region ~ Port au Port District

St. Benedict's Cemetery Cape St. George - Sante'wit Benedictek Utqutaqne'kati Kwesowaak

Cemetery is located in Cape St. George, adjacent to the Kerfont family property, looking out over Bay St. George on property owned by Our Lady of the Cape Parish.

Headstone inscriptions were collected by Jasen Benwah, August 3, 2003 and prepared for the Internet by Jasen S. Benwah. While I have tried to be as accurate as possible, there could be some errors. If you should find any errors, or have other inscriptions to add, then please contact me.


December 10, 1918
Age ?
headstone broken
--November 18, 1900Age 12 years
headstone broken
March 3, 1903Age 52headstone broken

May 31, 1925Age 21broken headstone
--age 14wooden cross down
June 29March 6, 1898
KERFONTJohn (Jack)-
2- Wooden Crosses--Some broken- all unreadable
3 Cement Markers -- Unreadable or Plaque missing- all unreadable
approximately 75-80 grave mounds with no crosses or gravestones

Name on HeadstoneDescription of ErrorMy Name
Benoit Luc, died May 19, 1892, first burial at this graveyard, age 87 years Jasen
Benoit Ellen (Helena) Benoit, died November 21, 1913, buried here, age 36 daughter of Victor Damois and Victoria Lucas, born January 23, 1873 and married Joseph M. Benoit on June 26, 1895. Jasen
Benoit Ellen, died July 4 1896, buried here, age 9 years Jasen
Benoit Michael, died June 27, 1896, buried here, age 8 years Jasen
Benoit Maria, died Nov 30, 1913, buried here, age 1 month Jasen
Benoit Joseph H., died (WWW1) May 4, 1915, buried in England, Jasen
Benoit Victor J., died (WWW1) October 12, 1915, buried in England Jasen
Benoit Mary, died June 24, 1896, buried here, age 14 years Jasen
Benoit Mary Ellen, died July 1, 1896, buried here, age 6 years Jasen
Benoit Andrew, died July 2, 1896, buried here, age 7 years Jasen
Benoit Isaac, died July 2, 1896, buried here, age 2 years Jasen
Benoit Francis, died July 3, 1896, buried here, age 2 years Jasen
Bedo Meliva, died June 20, 1913, buried here, age 56 years Jasen
Cornec Claude, died Aug 11, 1905, buried here, age 6 weeks Jasen
Cornac Josephine, died March 10, 1903, buried here, age 1 yr Jasen
Chaisson Angela, died Mar 17, 1926, buried here, age 11 years Jasen
Chaisson Octave, died Aug 30, 1915, buried here, age 22 Jasen
Chaisson Elizabeth, died Nov 19, 1915, buried here, age 84 Jasen
Chaisson Melanie, died Dec 21, 1911, buried here, age 2 yrs Jasen
Chiasson Julian, born Cape Breton, died July 13, 1906, buried here, age 67 Jasen
Chaisson Leonie, died Sept 6, 1896, buried here, age 33 years Jasen
Chesson Julian, died July 31, 1899, buried here, age 22 years Jasen
Chiasson Josephine, died December 20, 1923, buried here, age 49 yrs Jasen
Carnal Josephine, died May 10, 1903, buried in Cape St. George, age 1 year Jasen
Cormier Victor, born Cape Breton, N.S., died May 1, 1925, buried here, age 81 yrs Jasen
Damois Victoria, died May 3, 1903, buried here, age 63. She was a Lucas and wife of Victor Damois Jasen
Kerfont Mary Louise, died July 22, 1909, buried here, age 31 Jasen
Lagatdu Joseph, died June 22, 1902, buried here, age 1 1/2 Jasen
Lagatdu Emmanual, died May 10, 1913, buried in Port au Port, age 16 Jasen
Louvelle Frederick, died May 25, 1896, buried here, age 21 years Jasen
Marche Victor, born Mainland, died Nov 317, 1922, buried here, age 83 yrs Jasen
Poirrier Edward, died Sept 14, 1910, buried here, age 34 Jasen
Poirrier Margaret Bell, died Oct 8, 1906, buried here, age 5 months Jasen
Perrier Irene, died Dec 15, 1904, buried here, age 2 months Jasen
Rozes Sophia, died March 13, 1908, buried here, age 7 Jasen
Renouf Francis, died Mar 31, 1908, buried here, age 15 Jasen
Robin Elizabeth, died Aug 18, 1902, buried here, age 26 Jasen
Robin Maria (Mary L.)born Cape St. George, died Apr 3, 1908, buried here, age 33 Jasen
Robin Maria, died July 26, 1913, buried here, age 2 yrs Jasen
Royer Infant, died Dec 23, 1904, buried here, age 1 months Jasen
Renouf Julian, died Dec 9, 1907, buried here, age 20 Jasen
Renouf Bona (Bonnie, born in Stephenville), died Apr 1, 1905, buried here, age 75 Jasen
Renouf Sarah, died Dec 24, 1904, buried here, age 1months Jasen
Renouf Sarah, died Dec 27, 1904, buried in Campbell's Creek, age 38 Jasen
McCloud John William, died July 3, 1896, buried here, age 2 years Jasen
McLeod Daniel, died July 6, 1896, buried here, age7 years Jasen
McLeod James Edward, died July 9, 1896, buried here, age 6 years Jasen
Renouf John Francis, died July 7, 1896, buried here, age 50 years Jasen
Renouf William James, died July 14, 1896, buried here, age2 years Jasen
Renouf Peter, died Oct 21, 1896, buried in Stephenville, age 32 years Jasen
Renouf Mary Elizabeth, died July 22, 1896, buried here, age 56 years Jasen
Rozes (Rouzes) Infant, died Dec 24, 1904, buried in Cape St. George, age 2 wks Jasen
Simon Edward, died July 5, 1896, buried here, age 8 years Jasen
Simon Francis, died Jan 31, 1900, buried in Cape St. George, age 42 years Jasen
Simon Amedeus, died Aug 15, 1903, buried here, age 9 yrs Jasen
Simon Angelina, died Feb 24, 1909, buried here, age 50 yrs Jasen
Simon John Edward, died July 30, 1909, buried here, age 13 yrs Jasen
Simon Baptist, died Dec 28, 1909, buried here, age 20 yrs Jasen
Simon Maria, died Aug 1, 1913, buried here, age 2 yrs Jasen
Simon Adolph, died May 26, 1920, buried here, age 53 yrs Jasen
Senior John E., died July 30, 1909, buried in Cape St. George, age13 year Jasen
Telac Marie, died March 10, 1917, buried here, age 24
Tourout Mary, died May 22, 1926, buried here, age 25 years Jasen
White Mary Eunice, born Marche's Point, died Dec 1, 1910, buried here, age 2 months Jasen
Young William Alfred, died July 23, 1896, buried here, age 1 1/2 years Jasen
Young Michael Joseph, died Jan 22, 1912, buried here, age 2 yrs 9 months Jasen

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The above data was collected by Jasen S. Benwah, Archie Kerfont, and Alyssa-Ashley Benwah and transcribed and posted to the Internet in August 2003 by Jasen S. Benwah.

This old Roman Catholic community cemetery has been unofically adopted by Benoit First Nation since 2005 and we have been maintaining it ever since. We do this out of respect for our elders who are buried there.

© 2002-3 Jasen S. Benwah