Penwa' Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati Youth (maljewe'j)

Our Youth Director is Tanya Chaisson

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The Youth Director will:

Any of our youth who would like to become an active volunteer in our youth committee should contact the Youth Director or Chief

Aboriginal Youth Network

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Summer Students

Angela Robia, 2013 Cultural Coordinator

Robin Hinks, 2012 Cultural Coordinator

Charmaine Lainey, 2008 Cultural Interpreter

Cody Benoit 2006 Student Coordinator

Jody Simon 2007 Student Coordinator

Benoit 1st Nation Youth employment positions

Penwa' Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati (Benoit First Nation) is pronounced Ben-wah um-skoo wess-so-whey ul-noo-eh-gut-dee


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