Mi'kmaq French connections

Our people have historically built a relationship of peace and trust with the French Colonialists and settlers throughout the Mi'kma'ki homeland, as Mi'kmaq, we learned to speak French before any other European language. It is for this reason that we have a strong French language history since the European arrival.

With the Baptism of Grand Chief Henri Membertou, our people embraced Christianity as taught by Early French Missionaries. We were also give French last names. We are still spiritual and there is an ongoing resurgence of ancient spiritual beliefs and practices that help fill the void in our hearts.

Historically, the Mi'kmaq quietly lived in the area, often denying their ancestry due to the fact that the British Empire were enemies of the French and their Mi'kmaq allies.

Our ancestors spoke French and Mi'kmaq and did not do anything that would draw attention to themselves. No one was taking census records or knew of our movements until the European arrival.

Here today out on Pukt aq Pukt Kwesawek (the Port au Port Peninsula) we continue to co-exist with parts of the community francophone community most of whom are also of Mi'kmaq ancestry. We are friends, family and allies with great mutual respect and understanding.

History of the Communities

French and Mi'kmaq hold joint Celebrations for National Aboriginal Day and St-Jean Baptiste Day in 2008

Mi'kmaq information site in French and Mkmawsimk


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