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Pjila'si. Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq originating from the Benoit family of the Southwest Port au Port Peninsula, Newfoundland, came together to recreate and reinvent a grassroots Lnu'k Community organization to hereinafter be called the Benoit First Nation Mi'kmaq Band.

Elders Advisor Council, Committee Leads, and Band Council

Note: 2020 Band Council Elections:the council members are deemed to be duly elected by acclamation.

Note: Results confirmed and an election was not required on October 22, 2020 in De Grau, NL.:

CEO-Vice-Chief Barbra Benoit

Treasurer Conrad Benoit

Secretary Myra Benoit

Women Director Lee Kerfont

Youth Director Tracy Jesso

Public Relation Director Lory Benoit-Jesso

Elder Director Phyllis Young

Heritage Park Director George Benoit

The next band elections for Band Council will take place in the fall of 2024.

Members out of province will be able to vote on-line.

The Benoit Nation Mi'kmaq Band officially includes the area West of Abraham's Cove on the Port au Port Peninsula.

Benoit First Nation territorial area


We have taken control of our destiny. Together we look ahead as a Lnu'k/Mi'kmaw community with one voice. WelŠlin.

Historic ties:

In 1972 under the local leadership of Adolph Benoit, our community Port au Port Indian Band in Cape St George was part of the Bay St. George Regional Indian Band Council and the Native Association of Newfoundland that included the Conne River group, Innu and Innuit of Labrador. A year after that groups went their separate ways. Their regional council included Josephine Simon, Geraldine Costard, Sylvester Benoit and Edna Benoit, who was Secretary. She is mother of our present Chief Jasen Benwah and remained an Elder in our band until her passing into the spirit world on August 14, 2018.

In the 1980's Chief Adolph Benoit stepped dowm, later the the Bay St. George Regional Indian Band disbanded - breaking up into 4 smaller bands that became part of the Federation of Newfoundland Indians. The Port au Port Indian Band moved to the Port au Port East under new leadership. For our communities (that includes Cape St. George) on the Port au Port Peninsula - this signaled the beginning of a long period of inactivity and abandonment, lack of leadership and local silence that was only reawakened in 2002 when local Mi'kmaw began the fight to be included into the FNI, was was resisted by the FNI leadership.

In 2004 after years of requests and correspondence, we were able to get a meeting with Aboriginal Affairs to discuss our wish to be included in the deal for recignition. They assured us that we will be included in the deal.

Because the Port au Port East Indian Band only included the Port au Port Peninsula as far west as Abraham's Cove, we formed the Benoit 1st Nation in 2005 out of the need for fair and reasonable representation for the communities who were not included, it was formed out of the void in our hearts that needed to be filled.

Benoit First Nation represents Ship Cove, Lower Cove, Sheaves Cove, Marches Point, Loretto, Red Brook, Degrau, Cape St George, Red Island, Mainland, Three Rock Cove, Clam Bank Cove, Lourdes, Winter Houses, Black Duck Brook, West Bay, Tea Cove, and Piccadilly.

Grand Council Flag

Symbolism of the Benoit clan flag

Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Protocol

Lnu'k/Mi'kmaq rules of Ethics & Principles

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