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Student Employment opportunity:

The Band Council is looking for one student for the position of Student Coordinator for up to 8 weeks at minimum wage up to 35 hours per week. Start date is the end of June.

Duties include:

  1. To meet and greet Visitors and explain Mi'kmaw culture to visitors and Tourists.
  2. To facilitate Mi'kmaq programs and workshops to the youth, families and elders.
  3. To assist with cultural activities at the Mi'kmaq Centre
  4. To interview elders and record their stories, insight and knowledge and transcribe to word document.
  5. To build promotional information to showcase the Mi'kmaw Centre and its planned activities.
  6. To coordinator organize, promote and conduct various programing and cultural activities that includes, but not limited to, drumming, craft making, youth and children activities.
  7. Mi’kmaw Cemetery general upkeep & mowing grass
  8. To Organize and operate our Mi’kmaw summer special events for the children.
  9. Prepare final report at end of work term

Emplyees hired will:

  1. Sign a Confidentiality Agreement
  2. Be bondable and/or have a letter of conduct
  3. Student Coordinator weekly work schedule

    Deadline for applications is the end of May each year. Applications can be mailed, emailed, dropped off at the band office in Degrau or to any member of the band council.

    Priority given to post-secondary students of aboriginal descent. All students must attach proof of attendance in September with a college or university to their resume. For more information call Chief Jasen Benwah or any member of the band council.

    Penwa' Mawi-Amskwesewey L'nue'kati

    This program was made possible thanks to a grant from Service Canada, Student Employment Centre.

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